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1440 PCS of 15cm Medium LEAF Bowls

1440 PCS of 15cm Medium LEAF Bowls

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A box of 1440 pieces containing 72 packs which consist of 20 small bowls that are perfect for soups, curries, larger appetisers, cereals and nuts. 


Sal Leaves (Shorea Robusta) stitched together with Bamboo fibres.

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Care Instructions

The leaf plates may seem fragile at first but actually they are strong, robust and long-lasting. When not using, keep them sealed, dry and out of sunlight to stop keep the leaves as green and fresh as possible for as long as possible.


Once you have finished using the product you can compost and it will biodegrade within 30 days and go back to the earth.

Just make sure you take anything off the plate that isn't supposed to go in there!

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Support a community

You are helping to provide work to more than a thousand families in Nepal, supporting some of the poorest people in the area when you buy Tapari leaf products.

Unique Experiences

Using Tapari is a completely different experience because they look, feel and even smell different to normal tableware. Tapari products are handstiched so each one is unique.

Nature's answer

A product with a powerful purpose. Answering the problem of disposables with a 100% natural, compostable leaf plate. Made of leaves.

  • Sturdy & Long Lasting

    They may look fragile but they are actually super-strong! Keep them sealed and in a cool dry place and they'll last at least a year.

  • Hygienically Certified

    Tapari products have been tested in a lab and certified as completely safe for consuming food stuffs from them by UKAS organisation.

  • Chemical Free

    The product is just leaves stitched with Bamboo fibres, nothing else - no glues, no chemicals - nothing nasty.

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